CP Series


Get your soil flattened and packed with Bush Hog®’s new series of Cultipackers! Our new Cultipackers help you improve germination rates by lightly tamping seed under the soil to a proper depth to keep them from drying out or not getting enough sunlight. These units can be used anywhere you might sow seed. They are perfect tools for seeding food plots, over-seeding a lawn, or smoothing out rough pastures or sports fields after discing or tilling.

Our strong tubular steel frames house heavy-duty wheels to compact, aerate, and smooth your soil with ease. Cover your tractor tracks with sizes ranging from 60” to 96” in working width. Choose from three different wheel options to meet your needs: the 9.5” notched gray iron wheels crush clumped soil making a smoother overall surface but leaving slight dimples to retain moisture; the 15” smooth gray iron wheels pack the soil enough to reduce erosion while leaving v-shaped grooves to help retain moisture; the 16” notched ductile iron performs the same duties as the 9.5, and in addition, it has a higher impact strength and floats better over sandy or soft soils.

As with all Bush Hog® equipment, these implements are built to last in the USA.

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